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Thank you for your interest in the RSSA; together we ensure that all recreational shooting sports will be a safer and more enjoyable experience for all.  Your support and donations will help continue to advance education in the community and give a voice to the enthusiasts and professionals across the world.


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What is a recreational Shooting Sport

Recreational Shooting Sports Association

What is a recreational shooting sport?

A recreational shooting sport is an event that uses various type of pneumatic devices that propel projectiles using compressed air, gas, or air from a cylinder/piston assembly from battery or spring energy. These projectiles be can in the form of plastic or metal pellets depending if it is an airsoft gun which uses low energy plastic BBs or an airgun which uses metallic BBs or pellets at much higher velocities. 

The history of recreational shooting sports can be dated back to the late 1800's, with 5 events in the 1896 Olympics. Initially conceived to address concerns of poor marksmanship in military and law enforcement, recreational shooting has evolved into a small mainstay of world culture. In modern times, recreational shooting sports have grown beyond clay and target shooting; they have fully embraced a much broader and more utilitarian section of culture.

Advanced military and law enforcement training with sport shooting replica guns are used in simulations allowing those organizations to keep their skills honed. Military Simulation training has been a growing market, allowing professionals and enthusiasts to apply learned skills in a realistic controlled environment. Field and action shooting, and indoor sport shooting are recreational sports shooting programs allow for a safe and enjoyable activity.

Recreational shooting sports not only give an avenue for play and competition, but serve as a integral tool for training, and learning safe and responsible handling best practices of pistols and rifles.


The RSSA is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization that is based in Washington DC and was conceived during the California call to action on SB199. It was formed by the leaders, principals or owners of Airsoft Megastore, American MilSim, Evike, Pyramyd Air, Soft Air USA (Includes Cybergun, Palco and Spartan Imports), Valken, Umarex (Elite Force) and Xtreme Airsoft. Over time we intend to increase the board representation as our reach expands.


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