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Why I Love Airsoft

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I was 21 when i first became interested in airsoft. Like a lot of people, I first played in backyards with springers from Walmart. Within a month or so I had upgraded to a low powered AEG. I was hot stuff with my college classmates, since none of us had any experience with airsoft. Then I went to my first event: Op Savannah by Mad Ivan scenarios. There I met several people from the North Texas Area who began to educate me on what I didn't know. One of them even traded me an old JG M16 for my arsenal of springers. I still have that M16 four years later. Every time I hit the field its in the trunk of my car, just in case.

From that first game I started to play at Fast Action Airsoft (FAA) in Fort Worth. I was also introduced to the Texas Milsim Association, an organization I full heartily support. I was even allowed to command the Cartel forces at their first Killing Fields event. I went into a bit of a down spin in 2013 and took a two year hiatus from the sport. When I came back, among my friends it was if I had never left.

I came back to the sport in May of last year. Since then I have attend 3 events, one as a player-admin, and tons of weekend skirmishes. I play at either Temple Tactical & Airsoft in Temple, Texas or at 878 Airsoft in Waxahachie, Texas. The class of players at these skirmishes are amazing. They are honest, kind, willing to lend a hand, and have amazing sportsmanlike conduct.

Simply put, I love this sport because I love the players. Airsoft in Texas has such an amazing player base that when my non-airsoft playing friends send me links of people acting like junkwagons I have the simple defense, "Not all players are like that," and then I invite them to the field. That is the best way I know of to counter the people who want airsoft to go away.

Stay safe out there,


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The RSSA is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization that is based in Washington DC and was conceived during the California call to action on SB199. It was formed by the leaders, principals or owners of Airsoft Megastore, American MilSim, Evike, Pyramyd Air, Soft Air USA (Includes Cybergun, Palco and Spartan Imports), Valken, Umarex (Elite Force) and Xtreme Airsoft. Over time we intend to increase the board representation as our reach expands.


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