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Thank you for your interest in the RSSA; together we ensure that all recreational shooting sports will be a safer and more enjoyable experience for all.  Your support and donations will help continue to advance education in the community and give a voice to the enthusiasts and professionals across the world.


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On Community and Sportsmanship

Special thanks to Justin Dawkins for bringing to our attention the need to state our stance on community and sportsmanship. RSSA salutes Justin for his concern, his courage to share his voice, and standing up for integrity, honesty, and fair play. 

RSSA understands the vital role of community and sportsmanship in building and maintaining the foundations necessary for recreational sports shooting to exist. Because very little of the unspoken rules and traditions of our community have been recorded, we take a step towards explicitly stating our stance.

Perhaps the most fundamental piece, community serves to provide and preserve lasting connections that when combined form a stronger whole. This unification allows us to construct a safe haven for others to find commonality, belonging, and an opportunity to share passions wholeheartedly. More importantly, community better ensures the survival of the individual and the whole in the face of hysteria and the resulting ineffective and crippling legislation. Without community, we will have to face oppositions, like these, as individuals, and that will undoubtedly end in defeat.

An important mechanism for community, sportsmanship acts as a tool of civility through which we build our community on and off the field. When we speak of sportsmanship, we speak of respect, fairness, self-control, courage, and persistence, all of which provide the means for our community to develop into a healthy organization. If we wish to manifest a positive, respectful, supportive community, then we must build our community with only positivity, respect, and support in mind.

In reference to community and sportsmanship, blatant attempts to undermine the success and happiness of compatriots, like false accusations, shaming, and posting inappropriate content on the internet, completely defies the commitment we made to work together to make our dreams a reality. Often, our world consists of cutthroat competition, especially in the marketplace, however we must keep in mind that such extreme paradigms do not facilitate growth but create infighting. As a community, we must stick together in our pursuits, and in the peril of our disputes, we must resolve our differences. If we choose to disregard our commitments for personal gain, we destroy the very structure we have spent so much time, money, and energy to create.

Remember, community provides security, support, and crucial fortification against unjustified political opposition, and we build this community with sportsmanship on and off the field. We must not undermine one another but stick together and resolve our differences.

RSSA will not associate with any individual or group that actively participates in caustic behaviors in spite of understanding our values and warnings. We view such acts as deplorable, and we absolutely do not tolerate them. If you claim to uphold community and sportsmanship, then exemplify them in your behaviors. If you happen to catch someone acting distastefully, do not sit idly by. Instead, lead by example and encourage others to reconcile wrong doings. It is up to you to protect your compatriots.

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The RSSA is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization that is based in Washington DC and was conceived during the California call to action on SB199. It was formed by the leaders, principals or owners of Airsoft Megastore, American MilSim, Evike, Pyramyd Air, Soft Air USA (Includes Cybergun, Palco and Spartan Imports), Valken, Umarex (Elite Force) and Xtreme Airsoft. Over time we intend to increase the board representation as our reach expands.


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